Welcome to the Original Man Camp, the ultimate guys weekend.  You’ll get to relax and forget about the office, hang out with all your old buddies, have an opportunity to learn a bunch of stuff you’ve always wanted from the best in the world, all the while raising money for great causes.  Created in the Stanford Center for Entrepreneurial Studies by 5 graduate students, it was inspired by a desire to develop traditional skills and bond outside of the corporate world.

Team and Development

Dan Shevchik. The founder of Man Camp, Dan has been a man his entire life.  A graduate of Harvard University and Stanford Graduate School of Business, Dan is a former member of the US National Swim Team winning a bronze medal at the 1999 Pan American Games.  Professional experience includes three years M&A at Compass Advisers in London and sports management research and consulting.    

Development Team

  • Concept was developed over 6 months in Stanford Graduate School of Business course: Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities in 2009
Academic Advisors

  • George Foster, Stanford professor
  • Dennis Rohan, Stanford professor
  • Peter Ziebelman, Palo Alto Venture Partners